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The prices are suggested minimum donations. 100% of the net proceeds go directly toward direct aid to help grandparents raising grand and great-grandchildren in the Blount County Foster Parent Association and Omnivision’s Relative Caregiver Program. These families receive zero financial assistance from the State or DCS. I am made aware of their needs by 5 caseworkers who oversee 200 families. 40% of these families require a food pantry to get to the end of each month.

Our Products


Spaghetti with meat sauce - $6 per 16 ounces and $12 per 32 ounces Spring Mix salad with a quarter pound of Diced Charcoal-grilled Chicken Thighs in a 32-ounce container - $8

Fresh foods are good for five days. Order your salads and pasta for the week: lunch or supper. My goal is for people to order ten entrees per month; fresh or frozen. The food is amazing, and the cause is worthy.



One pound Charcoal-grilled Chicken Thighs - diced and vacuum-sealed - $12 Charcoal-grilled Choice grass-fed grain-finished choice third-pound hamburgers vacuum-sealed 2 per pack - $12 Award-winning Chili not too hot but very tasty - Spicy Meat sauce for spaghetti or toast points - Chicken and dumplings - Chicken pot pie - Chicken noodle soup - $6 per 16 ounces and $12 per 32 ounces - Double meat sausage and homemade buttermilk biscuits with American cheese 2 per pack - $6


Let me help you restore your finances.

I am offering

Learn how to achieve higher credit scores for a $100 donation to help the hero families we serve. See a significant credit score increase in about 30 days. Learn from an expert that has taught credit full time since June of 2003. Significant credit score increase is guaranteed. Call or text for full details 865-951-3175